Welcome to Emergent Mindfulness Centre

Welcome to Emergent Mindfulness Centre

Welcome to Emergent Mindfulness CentreWelcome to Emergent Mindfulness CentreWelcome to Emergent Mindfulness Centre


The Emergent Mindfulness Centre operates this website for the purpose of promoting consulting and counselling services in stress management, addictions counselling, relationship and conflict resolution, family therapy and general counselling services.

This service attracts a fee in line with standard counselling practice of members of the Australian Counselling Association. However, individuals from marginalised and under-privileged communities may be offered a fee waiver on case-by-case basis.

Management assessments will be made on the information you provide to us and your counselling treatment plan will follow on from this basis. We acknowledge that you are the person best positioned to assess the information you consider relevant to your situation.

None of the material on this website should be construed as a substitute for medical advice and you are advised to consult your General Practitioner for medical advice. Hence, the Emergent Mindfulness Centre does not accept any liability for damage, loss or injury in connection with an individual using the information on this website in place of medical advice.

Copyright notice

The copyright laws of Australia will apply to this web-site and its contents. Use of information on the website may be permitted with express written confirmation from the Senior Consultant, Emergent Mindfulness Centre.