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Services & Fees


Our Services

Our counselling expertise covers the following areas:

General Counselling incl. Anxiety and Depression

Counselling Clients with Addictions

Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution

Family Therapy

Domestic Violence Counselling

Fees & Sessions

Charges are $60.00 for a 45 minute  long counselling session applicable 1st January 2020. This is a rebated fee.

The initial counselling session and assessment may take up to 90 minutes.

Our charges are already rebated to be consistent with market rates and the unrebated fee is $130.00 where funding is available.

Number of Sessions

In terms of standard practice, clients with mild stress response generally require 6 - 8 sessions to facilitate effective treatment. However, this may vary for each individual and will vary in accordance with client preference as well.

Home visits are available for housebound clients.


Each client's information will be treated as confidential and the guidelines will be explained to the client at the first counselling session.